Rockwood Academy

A amazing place for education and learning, a place where students always come first. This is where we run all our weekend sessions and the new headteacher has shown a great interest in helping our football academy move forward and has shown a great deal of support towards our project and in improving the community use facilitates. 

The Albion Foundation

We have worked with West Bromwich Albion Foundation in the very start of our journey and worked very closley with Allsion Tripney (Deputy Director, Albion Foundation) who has been fantastic on advising us on how to run our football academy in the correct manner.

National Lottery

National Lottery has helped us run our academy with financial support and advice, which has been appreciated by our children, parents, coaches. Thank You for your support. 

Lecoco Furniture Online Store 

Lecoco Furniture is a Online Furniture Store based in Birmingham. It provides the latest contemporary furniture for the modern home owner at great prices. Lecoco Furniture was one of our very first sponsors.

RCJ (Roti Curry Junction)

RCJ has been a massive influence on our academy in terms of support and guidance. They have been running their catering business for over 20yrs in the Alum Rock/Saltley area (literally a stone throw from where our sessions take place at Rockwood Academy) they run a fantastic catering service for all occasions.

SKT Welfare

SKT Welfare is a UK registered charity, founded in 2008, dedcicated to the delivery of humantiarian aid and solutions regardelss of race, political affiliation, gender, or belief. Its aim is to relieve the suffering of the worlds poorest communities.

Robert Wilkinson Funfairs

Robert and his wife Jane who own the fairs have been supporting us as a group for over 20yrs when were young lads ourselves and had no support or guidance from anybody our senior it was Robert and the late Farid Raja who actually helped us set up a senior team in the football league. Alum Rock Football Club/Academy will wlays be indebted to orbert for his support. "Long may it continue"

West Midlands Crime Commissioners Office

David Jamieson and his assistant Ashley Bertie have visited us over the last couple of years and have seen the development of our academy from its initial stages to the diverse program it has become. Its and extra special privilege that both David and Ashley take time out on a Saturday morning visit us during our sessions. This shows their devotion to the community and th children always look forward to there visits to the academy.


City Express Travel Agents

A very well known travel agent which has been on the busy alum rock road and has been operating for over 25yrs providing Money Transfer/Low Cost Flights/Visa Services. Owner Intikhab is a active member of the community and he was one of our very first sponsors for the football academy who helped us along the way when support was needed for our project.

Que Media

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