Alum Rock Football Academy support Cure Leukaemia

Alum Rock Football Academy teamed up with our good friends at Blues4All to take part in the Copa Del Cure for Leukaemia tournament at St. Georges' Park, the England National Team's state of the art training facility!

A special mention has to go out first & foremost to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Dean, who was the reason we took part in the tournament. Lizzie has been battling against Leukaemia ever since she developed the blood cancer in 2014 aged 25. Her life was changed dramatically from being a graduate who had just embarked on a career as a Mechanical Engineer, to needing chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant in order to stay alive. Lizzie recently underwent a world first clinical trial at the Centre for Clinical Haematology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital... a treatment which sent her into remission and she was well enough to support th Fans for Diversity team from the sidelines.

It was an incredible day for everyone involved and thousands of pounds were raised for this fantastic cause which continues to support people suffering from Leukemia who might otherwise have to wait for treatment.

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